District Meeting & Public Hearing Regional School District 13 – December 16th


The electors and citizens qualified to vote in town meetings of the Towns of Durham and Middlefield (the “Member Towns”) are hereby warned that a District Meeting of Regional School District No. 13 (the “District”) will be held at the Coginchaug Regional High School Auditorium, 135 Pickett Lane, Durham, Connecticut, on Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on the following recommendation of the District Board of Education:

1. That $7,500,000 be appropriated for renovations and improvements to John Lyman Elementary School in Middlefield (the “Project”). The appropriation may be expended for design, construction, renovation and installation costs, engineering and professional fees, materials, equipment, purchase costs, legal fees, financing costs, interest expense on temporary borrowings, and other costs related to the Project. The appropriation shall include any federal, state or other grants-in-aid received for the Project. The Regional School District 13 Building Committee (the “Building Committee”), established by the District Board of Education as the building committee for the Project, shall be authorized to determine the scope and particulars of the Project, and may reduce or modify the scope of the Project as desirable, and the entire appropriation may be spent on the Project as so reduced or modified. The District anticipates receiving grants from the State of Connecticut for a portion of the eligible costs of the Project to defray in part the appropriation.

2. That $7,500,000 of bonds, notes or temporary notes of the District be authorized to finance the appropriation. The amount of the bonds authorized shall be reduced by the amount of any grants received by the District for the Project.

3. That the Chair of the District Board of Education and the District Treasurer, be authorized to make representations and enter into written agreements for the benefit of holders of the bonds or notes to provide secondary market disclosure information.

4. That the Building Committee be authorized to contract with architects, engineers, contractors and others in the name and on behalf of the District with respect to the Project, to approve design and construction expenditures for the Project, and to exercise such others powers as are necessary or appropriate to complete the Project.

5. That the authorization of the issuance of bonds, notes or temporary notes shall be submitted to referendum vote by the electors and citizens qualified to vote in town meetings of the Member Towns of the District.

Dated at Durham, Connecticut this 8th day of December, 2021.


Lucy Petrella, Chairman

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