Lake Beseck: Algae Warning!


Due to an unpleasant presence of algae at in the swim area, we will temporarily be closing the swim area until the algae has dissipated to the typical safe standard. The sand and non motorized boat launch will remain open but it is not recommended that you swim or touch the water in this area.

The Cyanobacteria (blue green algae) present is not due to ecoli or unhygienic practices. This type of bacteria is a natural in bodies of water, and is typically harmless at low levels. Blue-green algae can become very abundant in warm, shallow, undisturbed surface water that receives a lot of sunlight.

So, When will the closure end??? We are hoping the swim area will be ok to use tomorrow. The blooms can often go away quicker when the water is aerated. This is why a lot of man made ponds and water features have fountains because the splashing increased the oxygen going into the water. Obviously, Beseck does not have a fountain. However rain and boating activity can do similar aeration. Another thing that can help is when the temperature drops a little bit lower.

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