Lake Shore Drive Culvert Replacement

Many folks have been asking the status of the Lake Shore Drive culvert replacement project.  We are aware that this is an inconvenience for many of the Lake residents and assure it is of high priority to get it replaced.

The town engineers had originally designed a repair project for the culvert.  That plan had been submitted and approved for a STEAP grant in the amount of $128,000 against the total estimated project cost of $200,000.

Given the additional damage caused by the recent unprecedented storm, our town engineer determined that a full replacement was the more prudent course to take.  The full replacement of the culvert will result in a much higher cost than the original repair that had been bid out.  The State has agreed to honor the previous funding of the STEAP grant and the Town of Middlefield will incur the balance of the cost.

The culvert requires a complete engineering redesign to meet current engineering design standards.  The town’s engineer estimates that between design, RFP and bidding, Contract negotiation and scheduling construction (when water flow is at a minimum), construction will likely not start until early summer of next year.  The town will do everything to expedite the project.

Bob Yamartino
2nd Selectman,
Town of Middlefield