Peckham Park

The “Crown Jewel” of Middlefield. Peckham Park is located in the center of town, off of Strickland Road. This 26+ acre park has baseball and soccer fields, a basketball court, a walking path, exercise stations, a skateboard park, playground, picnic area and pavilion. It is a very popular destination spot for many of Middlesex County. The Peckham Park Pavilion is available to rent for private parties and functions.


Skateboard Park


Wadsworth Falls State Park

wadsworthWadsworth Falls State Park, or simply Wadsworth Falls, is a Connecticut state park located in the towns of Middletown and Middlefield. The park lies in the northeast corner of Middlefield, and extends across the town border into Middletown with the main entrance on Route 157. The park itself consists of a series of marked trails covering 285 acres (1.15 km2) and is intersected by the Coginchaug River, a tributary of the Connecticut River.

Wadsworth Falls is 30 feet (9.1 m) high, with 52 feet (16 m) of water trickling over sandstone along the trail.

Middlefield Dog Park

Mi-DOG (The Middlefield Dog Owners’ Group), in conjunction with Tyler Sibley, a Middlefield Boy Scout with an ambitious Eagle Scout project and the Town of Middlefield, joined forces to raise the funds (and supply the volunteer labor necessary) to construct a beautiful, new dog park here in Middlefield!

The park is located on the beautiful 75 acre open space parcel known as The King Property, nestled on Beseck Mountain. It offers an opportunity for dogs to safely run leash-free, and owners to socialize with other dog lovers. The park consists of about 1 acre of woodland, enclosed with a continuous 5′ tall chain link fence. There are separate fenced areas for both large and small (or timid) dogs. Visit for more information.

Large Dog Area - b
Sunday Stroll

Powder Hill Dinosaur Park

The Powder Hill Dinosaur Park was originally the site of a summer home for Wesley Coe. Coe granted permission to Middlefield to use the stone on his property to create the Beseck Dam in 1846. While excavating the stone, the footprints were discovered. The park is located on Powder Hill Road in Middlefield.


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