Installation of Speed Hump on Lake Road


Over the summer, the Middlefield Board of Selectmen discussed and voted in favor of installing a speed hump on Lake Rd.  Lake Rd is narrow, with homes along the road, and no sidewalks.  It is the only means of access and egress to the neighborhoods on the west side of Beseck Lake creating high traffic volumes.  Historically, few have traveled at or below the posted 20 MPH speed limit.  A speed hump will help serve as a reminder to maintain a safe speed through that  neighborhood.

The Board of Selectmen has taken this action at this time for the following reasons:

    • Several residents over an extended period of time, have registered their concerns with the First Selectman and Board members over excessive speed on the road.
    • There is a school bus stop on the road where as many as 8 students gather to await the bus.
    • As recently as 2 years ago a woman was hit by a car.
    • Resident troopers have issued citations, but many people still speed.

Since voting to install a speed hump, several residents that will be effected have registered their disagreement with the decision, while several others have endorsed the decision.  At this time, the Board of Selectmen still believes this is an appropriate means to help keep our residents safe while getting their mail, taking a walk, or walking to and from the school bus stop.


Bob Yamartino
First Selectman

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