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NOTE:  The calendar below is currently not active.  Please click on  "CURRENT CALENDAR" above.

RESERVING A ROOM:  Temporarily, making room reservations will continue as usual by sending the room reservation request to Judi at  

Please do not use the Reservation Request Form imbedded in this site.   Around February, reservations will be made utilizing the functions of this website.  Registered users of the community center will be notified via email.

The current calendar displaying all the rooms and availability can be viewed HERE.

CURRENT EVENTS:  All current boards and commissions, recreation events, and community events are posted on the calendars within the website.

We appreciate your patience as the transition occurs over the next months.


  1. Community Center Room 2 - calendar is currently not active

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  2. Community Center Room 3 - calendar is currently not active

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